work at home opportunity seekers are you stepping in poop

Have you ever stepped in dog poop? Well I have…many years ago. It is something I would never, ever forget. From that day on, I have made it my business to never, ever step in poop again. Well to my dismay I ended up stepping in poop again, but not dog poop this time. It was the worst kind of poop ever. And you know what, this is poop that is very difficult to clean off.
Guess what, you might be stepping in the same poop too…the dreaded “Work At Home POOP.” Thank God that I was able to clean my POOP off and make a living online. However it took me a few years to do so. Work at home opportunity seekers, beware of stepping in POOP. It could destroy you.
What is work at home POOP? Well let me sum it up for you:
1. P - People who claim to be Internet marketing gurus when they are not.
Now there is nothing worst than falling into the trap of so-called gurus who claim that they are earning anywhere from $10,000 or more monthly and are not making a dime. The worst part is, they sell you their program trying to teach you how to make money that they themselves do not even know how to make.
2. O - Overwhelmed and Overloaded with too much work at home opportunity info.
Now this one could actually destroy you. This one hit me like a ton of bricks and almost “Popped my head open.” I thought I was going crazy… literally. Maybe you are going through the same thing too. Each day my email box was filled with so much information that I just did not know which way to turn. I did searches on the search engines, visited forums, visited work at home websites, purchased over 100 e-books and programs and did everything possible to find the truth about how to earn a living online.
I was actually searching in vain because I ended up at a dead end, actually right where I first started… nowhere. There is nothing worst than working extremely hard day in and day out seeking information, purchasing e-books, reading those e-books, applying the instructions, etc and never earn a dime. The more money you spend, the more money you lose. You end up day after day pulling out your credit card in hopes of making the next online opportunity, only to be disappointed again, and again.
3. O - Opt-In lists from hell
Have you ever placed your name and email address in an opt-in box in order to receive more info and was spammed left and right? This is against the law, but many marketers do it anyway. To make matters worse, your email is shared and sold to other marketers who then do the same damn thing… spam your email box. Now this kind of thing is quite frustrating because you can end up spending most of your day cleaning out your email box.
To make matters worse, when you try to unsubscribe from some of these lists, your request goes unheard and you still continue to receive junk. I hate spam and I cannot imagine spamming anyone’s email box. I am sure these so called gurus would not like anyone spamming their email boxes. So why they do it to others puzzles me.
4. P - Passive Income Propaganda…
Gurus have a tendency to spread their misinformation like wild fire all over the Internet. This is after all the digital age, and information spreads instantaneously with just a click of the mouse. The most popular way of perpetuating this misinformation is to send e-mail messages with headlines such as:
o “Make $2,500 per month filling out surveys” o “10k in 30 Days…” o “Read our step-by-step blueprint to wealth and earn $659,560 in 6 months.” o “Make thousands of dollars with this amazing method.” o “Google is hiring at-home workers”
Most of these programs are set up to make you fail. I have never found a work at home program that could make you five, six-figures or an internet millionaire overnight unless you piggyback on someone else’s success by buying your income. Buying your income is the only way that I know of that can make almost anyone an “overnight sensation.” And even with this method, you have to know exactly what you are doing, have some money to invest or you could get burned.
With the economy the way it is and more and more people losing their jobs, many people are jumping online and have become business, home job opportunity seekers with big dreams of making quick money. More and More people are lured into many opportunities and are left “Hanging on shoe strings.” And you might be one of them… one of those poor, unlucky souls who are constantly stepping in POOP.
Fortunately, you can avoid all the sharks and earn a decent living online. For instance, selling products for large companies like Amazon, working at home as an independent contractor for major corporations, buying your income, and working as a freelancer are some of the most effective means of generating a full-time income via the Internet.
If you are a newbie trying to “Cast your net,” on the Internet, hoping to catch some big fish, please be careful not step in POOP. You might never be able to clean that damn POOP off.